Thank you

I should like to thank all those local residents who supported the Liberal Democrats in Thursdays Local Election. It is much appreciated. We are elected to help and support all residents in our areas, irrespective of how you voted, or not.

Bearing in mind what has been happening across the Country we can be proud of the three gains that were made at these elections.

A tremendous amount of work was put in by the Lib Dem team and I should like to send my thanks to everyone who helped during this campaign.

With an increased team of 18 Borough Councillors, we will be pressing even harder for a better run council than we have had over the past few years.

I should like to welcome our new members to you.

Cllr Morag Malvern - Emmbrook Ward
Cllr Ian Shenton - Evendons Ward
Cllr Peter Dennis - Wescott Ward

Many Thanks

Cllr Lindsay Ferris
Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Wokingham Borough Council

Lib Dems Winning Here

As the results for the 2021 elections come in, we were pleased to hold on to all of our seats (the only party in Wokingham to do so) and to pick up 3 more, each from the Conservatives, giving us more opportunity to hold the council to account.


Emmbrook gain

Evendons Gain

Wescott Gain

Read more

WBC borrowing

Wokingham.Today on the projected future borrowing of WBC and the false claims being made by other parties.

Lib Dems pushing council to meet carbon targets

Paul Fishwick and Sarah Kerr in the news. more info, Sarah has also published a blog explaining further why we have concerns.

FROM THE CHAMBER: Living with disability as a Councillor

Our Councillor David Hare is in the news with his moving piece:

Wokingham Borough Council didn’t hold a consultation with disabled groups over new recycling bags

Our Loddon candidate Beth Rowland has found out that disability groups were not consulted about the introduction of the green recycling bags, despite claims that a "full Equality Impact assessment" had been carried out.

Full story here:

Local coverage of our local manifesto

We're happy to see coverage of our local manifesto in the local news.

Our manifesto can be found here:

Letter to Wokingham.Today - Car ownership

Letter to the Wokingham.Today paper 23rd March 2021

Car ownership


I was exceptionally disappointed to see Councillor Pauline Jorgensen’s statement in the latest Wokingham Borough News.  She says that “Car ownership in Wokingham Borough is the highest in the country -  we can’t change that but we are doing all we can to make our road network as efficient as possible.”  Councillor Jorgensen is the executive member for Highways and Transport, responsible for delivering the Council’s Climate Emergency Plan commitment to a net shift of 20% of car traffic to walking and cycling by 2030.  Presumably, she also takes responsibility for delivering the Conservative government’s commitment to 50% of local trips to be made by walking and cycling by 2030. 


Owning a car is a personal choice that no politician would contemplate interfering with. But it is clear that given safe and attractive alternatives, people will use their car less and many will happily make fewer car journeys. Continuing to invest huge amounts of council resources in attracting more cars to our roads is the politics of the past.  Wokingham needs a better future.


 Cllr Paul Fishwick (Winnersh), Lib Dem lead on Highways and Transport

Taxi drivers have been “let down” by the council

Lib Dem Councillors Sarah Kerr and Lindsay Ferris are quoted in the local paper after the Conservative group on the council disappointingly voted to increase the license fee for local taxi drivers, already struggling due covid, forcing many into poverty.


Read the full story here:

Outrage as 450 trees are chopped down near Reading FC training ground

Lib Dem Councillor Paul Fishwick has made local news challenging the councils decision to allow 450 trees to be felled despite them being covered by a tree preservation order. 

read the full article here:


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