Conference - Autumn 2021

The Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference was well represented by our councilors, several of whom made excellent speeches.

To see them in action, see the links below.


Prue Bray:

Party Strategy: Our Road to Success

The Uyghur Genocide

Building Communities sat pm

A Framework for England in a Federal UK

Party Bodies Reform


Sarah Kerr:

The Climate Change Conference and the UK Government


Tahir Maher:

Presidential Election Regulations 


Imogen Shepherd-DuBay: 

Solving the Supply Chain Crisis

Dignity, Care and Choice at the End of Life 

Boosting Small Businesses and Jobs in the Post-Pandemic Economy



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A welcome pledge – but we must be as generous as possible

We applaud Wokingham Borough Council’s prompt action in beginning the process to re-settle locally some of the thousands of people fleeing from the horrific events in Afghanistan. We share the belief of so many in our community that we in Britain have a huge debt of honour to those Afghans who gave so much support to our British Forces  to bring stability to Afghanistan and beyond. Their fearless and brave efforts have now placed them and their loved ones in grave danger. Our response locally and as a nation will literally be life-changing for thousands.  

We understand the reasons why our Council has said that it hopes to be able to settle two or three Afghan families. But we ask that this be treated as an initial commitment. Nationally, the numbers needing resettlement are enormous. The reality is that all of us will need to step up to the mark and be as generous as possible to those Afghans seeking sanctuary.  

We appreciate the utmost urgency of identifying places for resettlement. Safe homes and supports are needed now. We repeat again our support for the actions taken by our Council so far. But let this just be the beginning. Let’s see the offer to provide safe haven for two or three Afghan families as a starting point.  

We believe that our local community wishes our Council to be as generous as possible to those brave Afghans who have suffered unimaginably. Let our community rally to this challenge and show Wokingham Borough and all of our residents at our very best.  

We pledge to support the Council and local organisations, and to do everything within our power to help those Afghans fleeing to the UK in their time of dire need.  

Wokingham Borough Council Liberal Democrats.  

Councillor earns green accreditation

Councillor Sarah Kerr, Liberal Democrat member for Evendons ward and local party spokesperson on the climate emergency and air quality, received news this week that she has passed the accreditation process for ‘Green’ status within the Liberal Democrat party.  

“I am delighted to receive the news that I’ve been successful and can now officially call myself a Green Liberal Democrat,” said Cllr Kerr.  “I am an avid environmentalist and have spent a large amount of my time since being elected in 2019 on policy development both locally and nationally to tackle the environmental threats we face.  I also put aside time to educate myself further on the subject to ensure I can base policy ideas and scrutinise council and government reports onfacts, evidence and the necessary pragmatism.”

The Green Liberal Democrats are an associated organisation within the Liberal Democrats.  One of their goals is to promote a green approach to policy formation within the wider party.  Amongst their membership are a number ofindustry experts.  

Cllr Lindsay Ferris, Leader of the Wokingham Liberal Democrats added that “accredited members of the Green Liberal Democrats have to demonstrate, through an interview process, that they uphold the values of the party through their actions, both personally in their day to day lives, and as campaigners.  With the support of colleagues, Sarah has successfully campaigned on getting particulate (PM2.5) air quality monitors and no vehicle idling zones into the borough which will both be installed this Autumn and commitments to develop a car club strategy and introduce green walling at schools.  She is also pursuing a number of other campaigns including getting the council to declare an ecological emergency with a number of associated actions to improve nature, the development and implementation of a network of safe and attractive walking and cycling routes that reduce car usage and pushing for measures to retrofit people’s homes to reduce carbon emissions, to name just a few.”

Cllr Lindsay Ferris further added that “Sarah has been working hard for our local community on climate and air quality issues, as well as helping shape our local and national party’s approach.  We are so pleased that her hard work and dedication to the cause has been recognised.

Cllr Kerr concluded that “I am particularly grateful to my colleagues as we work as a team, and the environmental groups and activists in the community who provide insight and a sounding board to help shape our direction.  Collectively we can make Wokingham Borough ‘Green to the Core.’”  


Lib Dems set to win Wokingham after by-election bounce

The Liberal Democrats shock triumph in the Chesham and Amersham by-election would see some 154 seats across the country flip to the party after they sent shockwaves through the Tory blue wall. 

The Liberal Democrats gained a 25% swing in Chesham and Amersham electing their 12th MP Sarah Green. 

Wokingham would be one of 154 constituencies that would turn Liberal Democrat at an election. 

The 25% from Chesham and Amersham has put blue wall seats like Wokingham “on notice” with South East Liberal Democrat being the leading opposition to the Conservatives. 

The Liberal Democrats are winning against the Conservatives. At the May 2021 local elections the party gained a host of seats and Councils from them at the local elections last month - from gaining control of Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire Council for the first time ever, to gaining seats in Wiltshire, Woking, Surrey, Tunbridge Wells at many more. 

The Lib Dems have said many Conservative MPs such as John Redwood MP are looking over their shoulders and feeling worried about the party making gains in their area.

Commenting Liberal Democrat spokesperson for the South East said:

“Our huge triumph in Chesham and Amersham has shown that the Liberal Democrats are a serious and credible opposition to this Convervative party. 

“Their blue wall isn't just on notice; it has been shaken at its foundations by the Liberal Democrats in both the Chesham and Amersham by-election and the last set of local elections.

“Residents do not like being taken for granted and that’s exactly what this Conservative party is doing time and time again.”

Commenting on the Chesham and Amersham by-election success, Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey said: 

"This is a huge victory for the Liberal Democrats. The people of Chesham and Amersham have sent a shockwave through British politics.

"We were told it was impossible for any party to beat the Tories here in Buckinghamshire. We were told this seat was too safe and the Tories too strong. This Liberal Democrat win has proved them utterly wrong.

"Across the south, the Tory Blue Wall is beginning to crumble. Here and in great swathes of the country, only the Liberal Democrats can beat the Conservatives and breach their Blue Wall.

"This amazing win will strengthen our fight to safeguard our precious natural environment and build a fairer, greener, more caring country."

Pride 2021

The Wokingham LGBTQ+ Pride group, led by Cllr Rachel Bishop-Firth, are busy organising the Wokingham Pride event, for the whole community to enjoy.

Please join us on Elms Field at midday on Saturday 10th July. Bring a picnic, or get a takeaway from the local shops.

More information is available here:

Council culture needs to change

WOKINGHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL needs to change its culture over the coming year – that was the warning from opposition leader, Cllr Lindsay Ferris.

South Wokingham Distributor Road

One of our newest councilors has been pushing for the new South Wokingham Distributor Road to be reconsidered for safer cycling and walking. 

Thank you

I should like to thank all those local residents who supported the Liberal Democrats in Thursdays Local Election. It is much appreciated. We are elected to help and support all residents in our areas, irrespective of how you voted, or not.

Bearing in mind what has been happening across the Country we can be proud of the three gains that were made at these elections.

A tremendous amount of work was put in by the Lib Dem team and I should like to send my thanks to everyone who helped during this campaign.

With an increased team of 18 Borough Councillors, we will be pressing even harder for a better run council than we have had over the past few years.

I should like to welcome our new members to you.

Cllr Morag Malvern - Emmbrook Ward
Cllr Ian Shenton - Evendons Ward
Cllr Peter Dennis - Wescott Ward

Many Thanks

Cllr Lindsay Ferris
Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Wokingham Borough Council

Lib Dems Winning Here

As the results for the 2021 elections come in, we were pleased to hold on to all of our seats (the only party in Wokingham to do so) and to pick up 3 more, each from the Conservatives, giving us more opportunity to hold the council to account.


Emmbrook gain

Evendons Gain

Wescott Gain

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