Wokingham Borough Council Approves First Ever Strategy to Tackle Violence Against Women and Girls

29 Sep 2023
Wokingham Violence Against Women & Girls Strategy 2023-2026. Wokingham borough approves first ever strategy to tackle violence against women and girls. There is also a cartoon of 5 women standing in a strong pose.

Wokingham Borough Council Executive Committee approved a strategy to tackle Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in Wokingham Borough at its meeting on 28 September 2023. 


AWG is a global problem which takes place in local communities, including Wokingham. The impact on victims is long-lasting and includes mental and physical health problems as well as causing issues at work or school, and sometimes resulting in homelessness. The strategy has been developed in partnership with community members and groups through the Wokingham Community Safety Partnership, recognising that a long-term strategic approach is needed to stop VAWG in all its forms. 


Sarah Kerr, Executive Member for Climate Emergency and Resident Services says, “As well as supporting victims and survivors, we have a responsibility to change the culture which enables VAWG and we will continue to work towards a future in which women can walk down the street in peace and live free from the fear of violence. This strategy is part of a coordinated community response and clearly sets out our priorities and a robust action plan to help achieve this objective.”