Where's our new hospital?

19 Dec 2023
Clive with ambulance in background

We are asking the Government: where is the new Royal Berkshire Hospital? The recent Autumn statement made no mention of investment in our crumbling NHS despite record numbers of people being unable to work due to ill health. This comes on top of our Conservative MP, John Redwood, recently voting against an amendment which would have committed the government to improving local GP and ambulance service waiting times. Our health service desperately needs an upgrade, and this Government isn't delivering.

NHS staff go above and beyond to provide exceptional healthcare. They deserve decent, modern facilities in return, as do our residents. I am petitioning the Health Secretary to start delivering on the Conservative Party's promise to build a new Royal Berkshire Hospital by 2030. It is four years since the promise was made, with no progress and no sign of anything starting.

We were promised a new hospital in no uncertain terms. The current Royal Berkshire Hospital simply can't keep up with the growth of population in the area, and it has to support a huge area from an ageing building that isn't suitable for a modern hospital.

Boris Johnson's high-profile pledge in 2019 was a lifeline to voters around here who understand just how badly we need this. At the moment, it looks like they were duped.

Please join me to petition the Secretary of State for Health to deliver her party's 2019 election promise, and build the new Royal Berkshire Hospital: https://www.wokinghamlibdems.org.uk/campaigns/wheres-our-new-hospital

Clive Jones, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Wokingham