We need more off shore wind farms

19 Oct 2023
Clive Jones in a boat visiting offshore wind farm

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Wokingham, Clive Jones says we need more wind farms after his visit to the Thanet wind farm which lies 10km off the Kent coast


Clive says, "This week I was very pleased to be able to visit the Thanet offshore wind farm which is approximately 10km off the Kent Coast near to Margate. 


"We saw 100 wind turbines and an electricity substation that produces enough clean electricity to supply more than 200,000 homes, that's more homes than there is in Wokingham.


"It was very impressive to see the 100  Vestas V90 turbines with a capacity of 300MW working to create clean energy. The total investment for the project that was opened in 2010 by a Lib Dem Secretary of State for Climate Change was £780m.

When it opened it was the largest wind farm in the world with 100 turbines each of them around half a mile apart.

Wind farms around the UK produce over 75m MW of power each year, enough to power 20m homes for a year and reducing C02 emissions by 32m tonnes every year.

31.7% of our electricity now comes from wind power." 


"This is exactly the type of clean energy that the UK should be encouraging, rather than developing small oil fields in the North Sea that the Conservatives have been advocating recently."