ULEZ expansion: Commuters in Wokingham left high and dry with up to 25358 a facing charge

1 Aug 2023

The Liberal Democrats have hit out at the Conservative Government and Labour Mayor for playing politics over the expansion of ULEZ whilst ignoring the concerns of commuters outside London.

It comes after a court challenge against the expansion of ULEZ to outer London was rejected.

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Mayor of London to significantly increase the current scrappage scheme for motorists in the capital, and for the Conservative Government to fund a scheme for commuters in the home counties.

The Government has provided over £800 million for car scrappage schemes in other cities around the country as part of clean air zone initiatives, but has failed to offer any funding for London's ULEZ expansion. 

There are 25358 cars in Wokingham which do not meet ULEZ standards and so could potentially face the charge if commuting or travelling into London. However, neither Labour or the Conservatives are planning on helping people, with 1.6 million vehicles across the home counties liable for the charge. 

Clive Jones Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Wokingham said:

“People in Wokingham are rightly worried about ULEZ expansion and are unhappy they’ve received no help to change their vehicles. 

“It is time someone stood up for the nurses, teachers, businesses and self-employed people across the commuter belt who have to drive into London frequently. 

“Liberal Democrats are calling for Sadiq Khan to pause ULEZ expansion while proper support is put in place for people to change their vehicles and for the Conservative’s to put that support in place for people who live in Wokingham.”

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey said:

“It is time the Government addressed the very real cost to thousands of commuters who have to drive into London frequently. They’ve been left high and dry by the Government’s unwillingness to expand the scrappage scheme to frequent travellers .

“Liberal Democrats care about improving air quality, but believe it is reckless for the Labour Mayor to push ahead with his ULEZ extension given the cost of living crisis. Millions are unable to benefit from car scrappage schemes or better transport links, so he should delay his plans.

“This is a plague on both the Government and the London Mayor’s houses. The scrappage scheme fails to deliver, the rollout is too fast and yet again, it is working people who will suffer financial penalties and lower environmental standards as a result of party politics by both Labour and the Conservatives. 

“Conservative Ministers and the Labour Mayor should be ashamed.”