Local politician Lou Timlin has joined the Liberal Democrats

11 Jun 2023
Stephen Conway shaking hands with Lou Timlin outside Wokingham Town hall

Lou Timlin led the local Women’s Equality Party locally for 3 years, campaigning on a number of issues including the provision of local domestic abuse services, the gender pay gap at Wokingham Borough Council and changing the culture that enables violence against women and girls.  She has stood in local elections in Wokingham three times.

Lou says, “There has been strong grass roots support in Wokingham for the values and policies of the Women’s Equality Party.  I am incredibly proud of the influence that we have had, including the collaboration I established with the local Liberal Democrats in 2022 which led to tangible change.  However, it’s clear to me that to achieve more across a wider range of issues and within our ‘first past the post’ electoral system I need to work as a part of a larger party.  The values and policies of the Liberal Democrats are aligned with my own and I am looking forward to working as a member of the Liberal Democrat team to best serve the community and make even more of a difference.”

Stephen Conway, Leader of Wokingham Borough Liberal Democrats, says, “I’m delighted that Lou is joining us.  She’s a well-known campaigner who shares our values and will make a great addition to the Lib Dems in Wokingham.  We have new members with talent and experience joining the Liberal Democrats locally every week, adding enormously to our ability to serve residents. 


Stephen Conway shaking hands with Lou Timlin outside Wokingham Town hall
Stephen Conway welcoming Lou Timlin to the Lib Dems