Government agrees to water down housing targets for local councils

6 Dec 2022

Sucess in our campaign to reduce the housing targets in Wokingham as the government has removed the targets from the housing bill. We do need more affordable housing in Wokingham, as a part of a lower overall target.

Clive Jones tells the BBC:

"...We have provided 40,000 new homes in the last 40 years and most people will say that is too much. Enough is enough," he says. A lot of people have moved here in the last 40 years. They moved here because they like to be in a semi-rural area because that is what Wokingham is. It's changing and it's changing too fast for lots of people. It's becoming like a suburb of south London… and that is not what people want...."

Overdevelopment was one of the big issues which contributed to May's local election result. Clive Jones is standing as the Lib Dem candidate for Wokingham in the next general election, which is due in two years time. Mr Jones believes if the current level of development in Wokingham continues it will be a close fight between the Lib Dems and Conservatives, who currently hold the seat with a majority of 7,383.