Former Lib Dem Leader visits Wokingham again!

19 Dec 2023
Vince Cable and his wife Rachel with Clive Joes

Former Lib Dem Leader Sir Vince Cable visited Wokingham again last week to support the campaign to elect Wokingham's first Lib Dem MP, Clive Jones.


Vince told the members that he was looking forward to a good general election result in Wokingham and he expected that the election might be in the spring of 2024. He thought that the country was desperate for some competent government and he thought that most voters wanted there to be a change of government similar to the situation in 1979 and 1997 general elections.


Vince and his wife Rachel have recently written a book, Partnership & Politics in a divided Decade. It covers the time in the run up to the 2010 general election and beyond until Vince retired from Parliament in 2019. 


Both Vince and Rachel spoke about writing the book together and their different perspectives of major events of the decade when Vince was a Coalition cabinet minister and latterly Leader of the Liberal Democrats.


During the Coalition government the Lib Dems introduced the triple lock on pensions which will mean pensioners will have a rise of £900 in April next year. The Lib Dems also insisted on income tax thresholds rising during the Parliament from £5600 to £10000, Sadly the Conservatives have frozen them which means we are all now paying more tax than we have ever done which is contributing to the cost of living crisis.


Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Wokingham, Clive Jones thanked Vince and Rachel for coming to Wokingham again. They were both here canvassing in the local elections earlier in the year and Vince has made many visits since 2018. "We have a real chance of winning Wokingham, so I am very happy to visit as often as I can", said the former Lib Dem leader.