A map of Wokingham Borough with Thames ward highlighted

Thames Ward

Election boundaries are changing, with 18 new wards across Wokingham Borough, each represented by 3 councillors.

As a part of this, villages along the Thames, including Remenham, Wargrave, Charvil and Sonning will be combined into a new ward represented by 3 councillors, under the title of Thames Ward.

This year all 3 councillors are up for election. In future years, there will be an election in 3 out of 4 years, electing one councillor each year.

The 3 candidates

Your Liberal Democrat Candidates for Thames

Use your 3 votes for your 3 Liberal Democrat Candidates for Thames (pictured left to right):

  • Katrin Harding
  • Paddy Power
  • Yonni Wilson

Click here for more information and biographies

Liberal Democrats working for you in Thames

Danger: water pollution!

Water pollution is an increasing concern,  with reports of raw sewage being pumped into the Thames. “This poses a danger for those using the river. The Thames at Wargrave is a popular spot for canoeists and paddleboarders,” says Lib Dem campaigner Yonni Wilson. “It’s time to stop water companies pumping tons of raw sewage into our rivers!”

Lib Dem Paddy Power shares these concerns that impact the Thames at Sonning. “I’ve been told that anglers are fed up with seeing raw sewage floating past the end of the fishing lines. “The water company need to take action!”

Better Parking Controls

A request from local residents for parking restrictions has led to double yellow lines set to be introduced in Wargrave.

“The Lib Dems are helping make the roads safer by bringing in parking restrictions where they are needed.”

“The lines are to be put in at the junction of Hamilton Road and Purfield Drive, by the end of March,” says Lib Dem campaigner Yonni Wilson. “I know this has been an issue for people in this area, so I am looking forward to seeing them in place. "

Additional places at Piggot senior school

There’s good news for our area with additional places being funded at the Piggott senior school! “This will help many families in Wargrave and surrounding areas and is a good example of Lib Dems listening to people's concerns,” says Lib Dem campaigner Yonni Wilson.

New Twyford Library

The long-awaited new Twyford library is heading for opening in the spring. Wargrave campaigner Yonni Wilson says, "This has come about after years of effort by many people. The new Lib Dem administration at Wokingham has delivered this new community facility.”

Polling station changes

Wokingham Borough Council is carrying out a consultation about changes in polling stations following the council ward boundary changes. The proposal for Wargrave East is to
use the Wargrave Pavilion for polling instead of Hare Hatch Village Hall. 

Active travel gets a boost at The Piggott school

Six new green-roofed bike shelters have been installed at The Piggott school. The shelters are covered with a tough, low maintenance, succulent plant that absorbs rainwater and soaks up carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the atmosphere, adding further benefit to the environment. “This is so good for the environment and the pupils that cycle to school,” says Lib Dem Wargrave campaigner Yonni Wilson. “Active travel is so important for health and well-being; it can reduce car journeys and so improve air quality. It helps to
combat the climate emergency.”

Twyford Library is on it's way

Twyford's long-awaited new library is making good progress. The builders are working on the internal changes and the hoardings outside the new library building will soon be displaying artwork from local children. We expect the new library to be open for business in the first months of 2024.

Stop Dumping sewage in our rivers! say Lib Dems

Naturally enough, many people in the new Thames ward enjoy the river – or they used to! But now, boat-users and swimmers and parents with children are having to think very carefully about using the water because of the threat of pollution. Less than twenty years ago, our rivers were an environmental success story but now the government is giving free reign to water companies to undo decades of hard work and turn our rivers into open sewers. The Wokingham constituency will include Remenham, Wargrave and Charvil at the  next general election and Lib Dem candidate Clive Jones is committed to restoring the river to its former glory.

New ward, new start!

Electoral ward boundaries for Wokingham Borough Council are changing next year. Remenham, Charvil and Wargrave will form part of a new ward to be known as ‘Thames’ ward. The ward will elect three members and local Lib Dems have been out and about meeting local people in an area that has traditionally been taken for granted by one other party.
Local campaigner Yonni Wilson says, “It seems to be a bit of a novelty for local people to have their opinions listened to! The Lib Dems are well known for being involved with communities and I look forward to doing the same in the new Thames Ward.”

Bus routes 127, 128 and 129 saved

The Borough Council has given subsidised bus routes a funding boost to keep them going until at least 31st August 2026. This includes the 127, 128 and 129 services that operate through Winnersh from Wokingham to Twyford station  here it connects with the Elizabeth Line. This funding, also supported by Winnersh Parish Council, will provide certinity to residents and businesses in the area.


Thames News

New outlets for recycling bag collections

Green recycling bags can now be picked up from 12 additional hubs across Wokingham Borough, bringing the total up to 17, as the council prepares to change its household waste collections.

28 Feb 2024

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