As at the 2023 local elections, Earley Town council has the following make up:


Melanie de Jong

Melanie moved to Lower Earley in 2000 where her children all attended local schools.  Melanie is an experienced Councillor, previously being Mayor for Earley.

Ryan Browne

Ryan comes from a military & volunteering background, and is very interested in residents’ welfare as well as community projects and events.

Andrew Long

Andrew has lived in Cutbush ward for 24 years, and is an experienced Town and Borough councillor, with over 10 years’ service.


Beth Owen

Beth has lived here for 25 years, and has recently retired from education.  She wants to join the Lib Dem team on the council.

David Hare

David has lived in Earley for 46 years and is leader of Earley Town Council.  He is an experienced councillor who has worked hard for you for many years.


Anne Bassett

Anne has lived in Earley since 1982 and has served residents as a town councillor for 12 years in 2 spells, including as Town Mayor.  Her main interest is the environment and ensuring Earley keeps its green spaces.

Maiden Erlegh

Stephen Newton

Stephen is a veteran campaigner who wants to use his extensive experience to fight for Maiden Erlegh residents.

Geoff Littler

Geoff has lived in the Ward for 42 years, and has been a Councillor for 4 years. He is keen to continue to raise and seek resolution of local issues.

John  Eastwell

John has lived here for 40 years and has been a Town Councillor for many years.

He wants more youth provision in Earley. 


Rosemary Cook

Rosemary has been a councillor for Radstock ward for three years and has worked hard to keep its green identity.

Caroline Smith

Caroline is an experienced borough and town councillor.  She ran a charity shop in Wokingham for many years.


Irene Khayinza

Irene’s career involved helping others. She is now retired, and says it would be an honour, if re-elected, to continue to serve our residents.

Tahir Maher

Tahir has been a councillor at Wokingham Borough Council for 4 years and at Earley Town Council (ETC) for 12 years, the last year as Mayor.  He has focused since the pandemic on engaging with the different groups and our diverse communities to bring back a sense of normality and has been encouraged by the response when meeting young Earley residents in their schools and talking to them about what the Council does. 

Mike Smith

Mike has lived in Earley for over 38 years and has been a Town Councillor since June 2020 and a Borough Councillor since 2022.

St Nicolas

Nicola Brock

Nicola has lived in Earley for 36 years working as a GP in the area for all that time.  She has been a Town Councillor for 8 years. 

Alistair Neal

Alistair has lived in St Nicolas ward for 22 years and  been a town councillor since 2019.  He’s interested in promoting active travel.


Sheila Jordan

Sheila has lived in the ward for 20 years and loves the area.  Trained as an accountant, Sheila spent many years as a charity administrator.

She says, “I am interested in the environment, transport, fair trade, and the eradication of poverty locally, nationally and around the world.

“This is a great place to live - we  have good bus links to Reading, and the community is mixed and multi-faith.”