Woodley Town Council being run behind closed doors

Councillors in Woodley are angry and appalled that rules designed for emergencies are being subverted to permit the council to operate without public scrutiny and without the majority of the council being aware of the decisions being made. The Lib Dem Town Council group in Woodley are trying to bring to light this abuse of authority.

Carol Jewell, Leader of the Lib Dem Town Council Group explained: "We have been strongly objecting to the Urgency Committee making decisions outside of the normal committee process, which has meant that facts are being hidden from Councillors. It completely excludes the public and the Labour representatives on the council. This is an affront to democracy".

Lib Dems believe that openness and community thinking is important and that Woodley residents should not be kept in the dark. Only 4 of the 25 councillors are members of the Urgency Committee, which is making important financial decisions without consulting the council.

The Lib Dem group, wanting to see a more democratic and transparent approach, made a proposal at a recent meeting to achieve this; but it was voted down by the Tories without discussion. It seems they want to continue to operate behind closed doors without anyone seeing what is being done.

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