Twyford and Wargrave

The Twyford and Wargrave Branch of the Wokingham Borough Lib Dems includes the following wards:

  • Twyford
  • Remenham, Wargrave & Ruscombe
  • Hurst
  • Charvil

Although the above wards form part of Wokingham Borough Council, they are in the Maidenhead (rather than Wokingham) parliamentary constituency. We are represented in Twyford by both the ward’s councillors – Lindsay Ferris and Stephen Conway. Find out more about our councillors by clicking on their names.

Latest News from Twyford and Wargrave

Protecting our Green Belt from development

Twyford’s Wokingham Borough Councillors, Lindsay Ferris and Stephen Conway, and Ruscombe Lib Dem campaigner, Martijn Andreas, have been taking every opportunity to argue against the proposals to build in the Green Belt in Ruscombe.

Developers even hired the services of councillors in other local authorities to lobby for their proposals.  They have claimed that a new railway station in Ruscombe would make the proposed new development sustainable.  We have contested that claim in the press and social media.  A new station is a non-starter.  It would cost far more than the developers say –  and much more than they would be willing to pay – and the rail authorities are not interested in adding to journey times and undermining the viability of the existing Twyford station.

But most importantly, Green Belt land can only be developed under very special circumstances.  Those very special circumstances do not apply in this case.  Stephen Conway, who has considerable experience on planning matters, is convinced that the case against development in Ruscombe is a very strong one.

We will continue to fight the good fight for as long as a threat to the Green Belt land in Ruscombe exists.  Martijn is committed to the cause and would defend our community very effectively.

Consultation on parking scheme on the way

At long last, after many months of waiting, the borough council’s proposed new parking schemes for various parts of Twyford will be unveiled for your views.

Each scheme is bespoke – some taking the form of residents-only parking and others limitations on parking in the middle of the day to deter commuters.

When you get the chance, please respond to the proposals as they affect your area.  Lindsay and Stephen have worked hard to persuade the council to take parking problems in the village seriously, and we want you to have your say on whether the solutions that highways officers have produced work for local residents.


Wokingham Borough Council’s planning committee on 9 March gave Hare Hatch Sheeplands (HHS) the green light to proceed with its proposed new layout.   The much-valued local business is now able to move forward with confidence; a heavy weight of planning system pressure has been lifted.

The decision to grant planning permission was not a foregone conclusion.  Though Lindsay Ferris, as a Twyford Wokingham Borough Councillor, had written in to support the HHS application, as had more than 400 residents, planning officers had recommended that the application be refused, on the grounds that it was contrary to Green Belt policy.

Stephen Conway, the other borough councillor for Twyford, and a member of the planning committee, argued that the application complied with Green Belt policy and proposed that it be approved.  After a lengthy and detailed debate, Stephen’s proposal was supported by a majority on the committee.

You can see the debate on the council’s website, under council meetings – there is a link to a You Tube video.

Stephen posted the good news on the Twyford Facebook page immediately after the meeting, and within two days, his post had attracted more than 250 likes; a clear sign of community support for HHS.

MARTIJN ANDREA - your Lib Dem candidate for Remenham, Wargrave and Ruscombe on 5 May

Dear Elector,

Originally from The Netherlands I came to live in the UK to study in 1988 at Reading University and then Imperial College in London. My wife and I have lived with our three children in Twyford since 2015 and we love the strong sense of community in Twyford and Ruscombe.

I am opposed to further housing developments especially in the green belt and countryside and in flood sensitive catchments, as proposed by the Conservative-run Wokingham Borough Council.

My aim, should I be elected, is to represent the communities of Ruscombe, Wargrave and Remenham to the best of my ability and to protect and improve their local environment and village amenities. I would be joining a strong team of Liberal Democrat councillors on Wokingham Borough Council, who have a good name for supporting their communities and helping residents.

Best wishes

Martijn Andrea

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