Twyford and Wargrave

The Twyford and Wargrave Branch of the Wokingham Borough Lib Dems includes the following wards:

  • Twyford
  • Remenham, Wargrave & Ruscombe
  • Hurst
  • Charvil

Although the above wards form part of Wokingham Borough Council, they are in the Maidenhead (rather than Wokingham) parliamentary constituency. We are represented in Twyford by both the ward’s councillors – Lindsay Ferris and Stephen Conway. Find out more about our councillors by clicking on their names.

Latest News from Twyford and Wargrave


Martin Alder is our candidate for Charvil. If elected, he will push for a good quality Charvil - Twyford cycle route This is for a safe, lit, surfaced path between Park Lane and Twyford station, to include a bridge across the Old River. As well as benefitting Charvil residents, it would also open up links to Woodley.

Championing a clean countryside

Many residents have been busy during the pandemic taking responsibility for cleaning up all the litter blighting our beautiful Parish. The fact that some people fly tip and drop rubbish is, frankly, a disgrace. But we should not have to accept that behaviour. I want to force Wokingham Borough Council to do more, not just to prevent fly-tippers and litter bugs, but to ensure our council tax is correctly deployed to keep Hurst’s environment clean.

Sam Turvey - Lib Dem Candidate for Hurst Ward

Investing in our children’s futures

Sam Turvey (Lib Dem candidate for Hurst) says : Everyone has sacrificed during the pandemic but few more so than our young people. When normality returns, Hurst should be a place that offers its children fantastic infrastructure and opportunities – with places to enjoy the outdoors, spaces to play sport and learn, and events that inspire. Investing in our kids is important for everyone’s future so I would like to ensure Hurst remains a welcoming, enjoyable, and safe place for them to grow and thrive. 

Sam Turvey – Lib Dem candidate for Hurst

Sam lives in Hurst with his wife and three young children who attend the local schools. He is a Partner at a top financial public relations firm where he helps businesses to secure and communicate with investors. He has worked in London, Hong Kong and Dubai. Sam is a member of the Hurst Parish Council. In his free time he enjoys running, following England’s cricket and rugby teams, and reading about Britain’s great adventurers.



Your Lib Dem Borough Councillors, Lindsay Ferris and Stephen Conway, have been campaigning for a new library in Twyford for many years. 

We are now very close to seeing it happen. 

The funding required has been agreed by Wokingham Borough Council and planning permission for the conversion of the existing old Polehampton Boys’ School should be finalized this month.

We hope the new library will be completed before the end of 2021.

Lindsay and Stephen want to thank all those whose efforts have led to our being on the verge of realising our dream.

Stephen says, “As a veteran of the campaign, I should like to record my thanks to all involved, including our political opponents, who have had a welcome change of heart after many years of not listening to Twyford residents.

“All those years of pressing Twyford’s case now seem very worthwhile.”


We want to see the Council's parking survey (which we pressed for) lead to concrete proposals for local schemes to tackle the village's various parking problems.


Lindsay Ferris and Stephen Conway, as Twyford's Wokingham Borough Councillors, want to thank all those people who have worked for the community in 2020 - the most challenging year that any of us can remember.

The list of people deserving thanks is too long to fit into one article. 

But it includes all the local health service personnel, all who work in schools, the staff of pharmacies and supermarkets, the rubbish collectors, and of course our local Covid volunteers, who have helped to ensure that those who are self-isolating or shielding are properly supplied with food and other essentials.

Lindsay and Stephen have been doing all they can to help local businesses and local residents in difficulties.

If you need financial assistance, the Council has some discretionary grants to assist both businesses and individuals, and help can be given in rescheduling rents and council tax payments. 

If you or someone you know needs support, please don't hesitate to let Lindsay or Stephen know ([email protected] (0118 9343910) or [email protected] (0118 9342029)), or contact the Wokingham hub, now known as One Front Door, on 0330 330 1189.

Ward map images are a remix of previous work available on the Wikimedia Commons (created by Nilfanion, using Ordnance Survey data) and are licensed under CC-SA-3.0 and the attribution must contain the following notice also:  Contains Ordnance Survey data (C) Crown Copyright and Database Right.
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