Thank you

Dear friends,

So, the results are in and unfortunately we fell short in the Wokingham constituency. At the end of the day, despite the huge number of people who voted LibDem for the first time and backing from former Labour and Conservative party voters, we could simply not overcome the national trend of leave-voting Labour supporters switching directly to the Conservatives.

This is disappointing, but there is also much about which I feel proud and optimistic.

To everyone who voted for me I extend my sincere thanks. To those who took the time to write offering their support, I also add my gratitude. You can have no idea how encouraging it has been to receive your emails.

I'm also pleased by how many of you have said that, having voted LibDem for the first time, you will now continue to do so. This will be crucial if we want to deliver the real change that this country needs and not the sham populist vision espoused by Boris Johnson and the Conservatives.

I believe that this country’s politics is in a parlous state. Based on lies and being implemented by politicians who care more for their own careers than for the well-being of the country. I spoke briefly about this during my final speech at the Wokingham count last week.

You can listen to that here:

As I said during that speech, democracy is an evolutionary process, it does not stand still. And so it will be with this latest result. Boris Johnson has sought over recent months to cast the blame for the failure of his policies on everyone else but himself. But he now has a majority and the blame for failing will fall squarely on the shoulders of him and his government.

In time, we will have the opportunity of passing judgement on his achievements - or otherwise. I hope to see you all again when that time comes.

Very best regards.


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