Swallows Meadow: Tree Protection order (TPO) made permanent

After the wanton destruction of much vegetation late last year at Swallows Meadow, a temporary (6 month) TPO was placed on all species of all the remaining trees.
Councillors David Hare, Clive Jones and Andrew Mickleburgh, as well as Earley Town Council, all lobbied for this TPO to be made permanent, which Wokingham Borough Council has now agreed to.
In summary, nobody will be allowed to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage, or wilfully destroy any trees within the area shown on the map below.
Despite the loss of so many trees here last year, it is still a home to lots of plant and wildlife, including muntjac – emphasizing just how important this TPO is.
We still anticipate a planning application from the new owners of the land and will let people know when this is lodged and how you can lodge your comments on the WBC planning site.

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