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Lib Dems represent this area on both Wokingham Borough Council and Wokingham Town Council. We are the largest group on Wokingham Town Council with 11 councillors. We have 8 borough councillors representing Emmbrook, Evendons, Wescott and Winnersh wards. Find out more about our councillors by clicking here.

Latest News from South East Wokingham

‘Improve Wokingham’s cycling routes now’, campaigners plea

Cllr Sarah Kerr has been campaigning hard to improve cycling infrastructure:

Chalk about it

Saturday 25th September saw Wokingham Town Council's first mental health awareness event, Chalk About It. It went very well, with a lot of engagement.

Chalk About It was organised by Wokingham Town Council to promote taking care of our mental health. If you’re registered with a Wokingham GP you can ask to be referred to the Wokingham Wellbeing Service which is run by Mind
A big thank you to everyone who took part.

School Bus Service Success

The Liberal Democrat petition to improve school bus provision for Evendons East and Wescott West has been successful.  Wokingham Borough Council have confirmed that they have gone out to tender for a service that will travel along the Finchampstead Road corridor serving Emmbrook and Forest schools and another serving the Holt. 

Cllr Ian Shenton, Liberal Democrat councillor for Evendons ward said that “for children living in Evendons East and Wescott West who attend Emmbrook Senior school, they have had to get to a bus stop in Finchampstead on Barkham Ride to board.  This is nowhere near where they live and has resulted in many children being driven to school.” 

“We are delighted that following many hours of going door to door to get signatures, in addition to our online petition, the Council have agreed with us” added Cllr Maria Gee, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Wescott Ward.  “This bus service, operating in the area that these children live will make a big difference and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to sign the petition.” 

“Safe, green transport options need to be readily available for our children and the inclusion of these bus services is a vast improvement given the Council's declared climate emergency,” claimed Cllr Sarah Kerr, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Evendons Ward.  “We will continue calling on the council to improve walking and cycling facilities in the area.” 


Sarah and Ian

Please sign our bus petition

As we approach the change of school year, a significant number of children from the Finchampstead Road corridor will be making the journey to Emmbrook School. This includes the Russley Green area, Finchampstead Road itself, and Evendons Lane and surrounding area, from where there is no readily accessible, suitable bus service. Neither is there a safe walking or cycling option, and so our Evendons councillors are pressing for the provision of a bus. Hence we are raising a petition, accessible at We will also be circulating a paper version over the next few weeks. Please sign.

SWDR Planning meeting

On 18th May the planning committee met to discuss the South Wokingham Distributor Road. Our councillors raised their concerns about the project.

Watch their speeches here:

Peter Dennis (Wescott):

Adrian Mather (Evendons):

Maria Gee (Wescott):

Sarah Kerr (Evendons)



Lib Dems Winning in South East Wokingham

The Liberal Democrats have picked up 3 seats on Wokingham Borough Council in South East Wokingham, and held onto another. We also have won a further seat on Wokingham Town Council, leaving us just 1 short of a majority, with 12 out of 25 seats.


Emmbrook gain


Read more

Lib Dems call for better cycling infrastructure

Well done to Robert Comber and Paul Fishwick for your continued campaigning on this issue.

Noise pollution solved

An open letter from Evendons Cllr Sarah Kerr:


I would like to thank all parties involved in tackling the noise pollution issue that was plaguing many of the residents in and around Woosehill. It has been nearly 2 years since I was first contacted by members of the community about a new piece of equipment that was being used by a local scrapyard, resulting in noise that for many was unbearable.

My thanks is extended to the Council and in particular the Environmental Health team, the scrapyard themselves, and the community who have been engaged on this matter.

Environmental Health have worked hard in the community, monitoring and assessing the problem. They determined that there was a statutory noise nuisance and have been working with the scrapyard to mitigate the problem.
The scrapyard employed a noise consultant to help work out a solution which was implemented in mid-April. I appreciate that this last year has been particularly challenging so am very grateful to them that we have this solution now in place.

The residents I have been engaging with on this over the past 2 years have been absolutely fantastic, assisting Environmental Health with reporting and being persistent in reaching this solution.
The peace that has descended on the area is most welcome - long may it continue!

Liberal Democrat candidate Peter Dennis in the news

Our Wescott candidate Peter Dennis in the news talking about how the Liberal Democrat council would protect our environment.



Winnersh Lib Dem, Prue Bray, wins national award

We're really proud of Prue who won the leader's award at the Spring Liberal Democrat conference this year. Prue works tirelessly at a local and national level and we think this award is very well deserved!

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