A welcome pledge – but we must be as generous as possible

We applaud Wokingham Borough Council’s prompt action in beginning the process to re-settle locally some of the thousands of people fleeing from the horrific events in Afghanistan. We share the belief of so many in our community that we in Britain have a huge debt of honour to those Afghans who gave so much support to our British Forces  to bring stability to Afghanistan and beyond. Their fearless and brave efforts have now placed them and their loved ones in grave danger. Our response locally and as a nation will literally be life-changing for thousands.  

We understand the reasons why our Council has said that it hopes to be able to settle two or three Afghan families. But we ask that this be treated as an initial commitment. Nationally, the numbers needing resettlement are enormous. The reality is that all of us will need to step up to the mark and be as generous as possible to those Afghans seeking sanctuary.  

We appreciate the utmost urgency of identifying places for resettlement. Safe homes and supports are needed now. We repeat again our support for the actions taken by our Council so far. But let this just be the beginning. Let’s see the offer to provide safe haven for two or three Afghan families as a starting point.  

We believe that our local community wishes our Council to be as generous as possible to those brave Afghans who have suffered unimaginably. Let our community rally to this challenge and show Wokingham Borough and all of our residents at our very best.  

We pledge to support the Council and local organisations, and to do everything within our power to help those Afghans fleeing to the UK in their time of dire need.  

Wokingham Borough Council Liberal Democrats.  

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