Phillip Lee's 5 point plan for Wokingham constituency

For too long, Wokingham constituency hasn't had the deal it deserves from Westminster.

Local schools are suffering a funding squeeze - they've lost £ millions and are struggling to make ends meet.

We've seen out of control house building, but without sufficient services like healthcare clinics needed to keep down GP waiting times.

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I've got a positive plan to fix this. If you elect me to Parliament on 12th December, I promise to work hard to ensure Wokingham residents get a fair deal on these issues and other concerns like plastic pollution and investment in youth services.

This election will be close. Labour are out of the race and only the Liberal Democrats can beat John Redwood's Conservatives here.

So if you want a fresh and positive vision for all of the communities within Wokingham constituenc,  please vote for me - Phillip Lee - on 12th December. 

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