Noise pollution solved

An open letter from Evendons Cllr Sarah Kerr:


I would like to thank all parties involved in tackling the noise pollution issue that was plaguing many of the residents in and around Woosehill. It has been nearly 2 years since I was first contacted by members of the community about a new piece of equipment that was being used by a local scrapyard, resulting in noise that for many was unbearable.

My thanks is extended to the Council and in particular the Environmental Health team, the scrapyard themselves, and the community who have been engaged on this matter.

Environmental Health have worked hard in the community, monitoring and assessing the problem. They determined that there was a statutory noise nuisance and have been working with the scrapyard to mitigate the problem.
The scrapyard employed a noise consultant to help work out a solution which was implemented in mid-April. I appreciate that this last year has been particularly challenging so am very grateful to them that we have this solution now in place.

The residents I have been engaging with on this over the past 2 years have been absolutely fantastic, assisting Environmental Health with reporting and being persistent in reaching this solution.
The peace that has descended on the area is most welcome - long may it continue!

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