Reading FC

16 Mar 2024
Clive Jones in front of green bushes

Clive Jones, the Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Candidate for Wokingham, has asked the Borough council about the planning permission they gave to Reading FC and the conditions that were applied.

Condition 4 says that the permission is personal to Reading FC. If the training ground is sold to Wycombe Wonderers, they will have to apply for a variation of this condition. Both Reading and Wycombe are being made aware of the condition.

Given the importance of  Reading FC to supporters in Wokingham and those living in Reading, Bracknell, West Berks and other local areas, this sort of financial game-playing by owners is not just a matter for local councils but something that the government should be tackling. It’s a pity that John Redwood MP doesn’t see it that way.

Clive Jones said “Reading FC should not be selling its assets. The club must be sold to someone who wants to make Reading FC great again, and taking their rightful place in higher leagues, and in time back in the Premier League”