Candidate who stood against John Redwood in 1987 returns to Wokingham.

17 Jan 2024
Clive and John Lestor

Candidate who stood against John Redwood in 1987 returns to Wokingham. John Leston, who was the Liberal/Alliance candidate in the 1987 general election and John Redwood’s first opponent in Wokingham, has returned to the area to help
the campaign team to elect a Liberal Democrat MP for Wokingham.

John Leston said, “I stood against John Redwood all those years ago because I thought his values were wrong for the country and wrong for Wokingham. My view hasn’t changed. I’m determined that we’ll see the first ever Liberal Democrat MP for Wokingham elected at the next general election, whenever it comes in 2024."

“On my two visits to Wokingham in the last few weeks, it looks to me like Clive can win. I spoke to some lifelong Conservative voters who say they can no longer support the party and will support Clive. Also some Green and Labour party supporters who know voting for Clive is the best way to see the back of the Conservative government."

“I will be back as often as I possibly can to help Clive, and I hope local people who want to see change like I do, will help Clive where they can. It’s a really exciting campaign to be part of”, says John Leston.

Clive Jones, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Wokingham said, “I knew John when he stood as our candidate in 1987 and I am delighted that he has decided to join our ever increasing group of enthusiasts who are campaigning to help the Lib Dems beat the Conservatives here in Wokingham at the next General Election.”