Our Local Election Manifesto

These last two years have been some of the most difficult for the Council in its history. It has had to deal with many wide ranging and serious issues that have arisen due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are now facing more uncertainty in the world with the unprovoked attack on Ukraine by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. These uncertain times will continue, unfortunately perhaps for a few years.

This year, you have a great opportunity to vote in a new and dynamic administration with fresh ideas focused on the needs of all of the people of Wokingham. Our residents have a real choice as to who runs this council, what the services are that they receive and how the council operates.

Our vision is to establish Wokingham as a great place to live for all its residents with high quality service delivery, sustainable and appropriate development, a vibrant arts programme, and the cleanest and most sustainable environment possible.

Residents will be at the heart of all our actions. We believe that listening to residents is one of the most important aspects of being able to deliver the services they need and want. In recent years the Council has only paid lip service to consultation, we would do this differently. We would be more inclusive and listen more to what residents were telling us. We will then be better able to control and prioritise our expenditure to better match residents’ needs.

Cllr Clive Jones
Cllr Clive Jones
Council Group Leader

1 Recover & Prosper

We have an ambitious plan for recovery for the local economy, the arts and culture sector and for housing that meets local needs.  We will

  • promote local economic recovery and invest in the local community.
  • lobby the government for a reduction to housing numbers allocated to Wokingham
  • encourage developers to deliver affordable 1-3 bed homes, including bungalows and flats to meet local needs.
  • build more social housing.
  • ensure that new homes are provided in sustainable communities.
  • oppose the Conservative government's planning reforms, which would reduce local people's say and tilt the system even more in favour of developers.
  • make Wokingham Borough a vibrant centre for arts and culture.

2 Cleaner & Greener

We will set targets to help protect the planet, the air we breathe and our green spaces. We will

  • protect our green belt and green spaces.
  • increase canopy cover by planting at least 300,000 trees and improving hedgerows.
  • put efforts to tackle climate change at the heart of all of our policies.
  • declare an Ecological Emergency and pursue a 20% net gain in biodiversity.
  • introduce a comprehensive strategy to reduce harmful air pollution.
  • develop a network of high-quality walking and safe cycling routes to link residential areas, local businesses, shops, schools and transport hubs.

3 Caring for everybody

We will set targets to help create a healthier borough where everybody is cared for. We will

  • aim to reduce Children's & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) assessment waiting times from 2 years to 6 weeks.
  • move away from competitive tendering for the commissioning of specialist services such as domestic abuse provision.
  • offer training to help nursery, primary and secondary school staff support all children regardless of their background or circumstances.
  • improve children and adult social care for all by creating a more joined-up approach across care agencies, the NHS and voluntary sectors.
  • support the development of community centres for the use of community groups, youth groups and charities across all age groups.
  • celebrate volunteers and give them the space and support they need to succeed.
  • extend opportunities for leisure activities such as sports and the arts for those who are un-waged or on low incomes.

4 Responsible & Responsive

We will listen to residents and prioritise local needs. We will

  • lobby central government to cover, in full, the council’s increased costs as a result of the Care Cap and other social care reforms.
  • review the council’s expenditure to focus on our priority areas.
  • Put a stop to risky speculative investments.
  • put equality and respect for all people at the heart of everything we do.
  • run the council in a professional, responsible and transparent way to protect it for you and the generations to come.
  • redesign and update the council’s website.
  • make it easier for residents to communicate with the council and to access council information and services.


You can meet our candidates here