Lindsay Ferris and Stephen Conway, as Twyford's Wokingham Borough Councillors, want to thank all those people who have worked for the community in 2020 - the most challenging year that any of us can remember.

The list of people deserving thanks is too long to fit into one article. 

But it includes all the local health service personnel, all who work in schools, the staff of pharmacies and supermarkets, the rubbish collectors, and of course our local Covid volunteers, who have helped to ensure that those who are self-isolating or shielding are properly supplied with food and other essentials.

Lindsay and Stephen have been doing all they can to help local businesses and local residents in difficulties.

If you need financial assistance, the Council has some discretionary grants to assist both businesses and individuals, and help can be given in rescheduling rents and council tax payments. 

If you or someone you know needs support, please don't hesitate to let Lindsay or Stephen know ([email protected] (0118 9343910) or [email protected] (0118 9342029)), or contact the Wokingham hub, now known as One Front Door, on 0330 330 1189.

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