Lib Dems Get Peat Removed From Council Compost

We are delighted that the Council has listened to us and has removed compost that contains peat from its operations,” said Liberal Democrat climate change spokesperson Cllr Sarah Kerr.  “It is imperative that in order to tackle the climate emergency, the Council leads by example and doesn’t continue with practices that are detrimental.”  

Peat bogs are carbon sinks, storing carbon away for ever.  When we mine peat for gardening, the carbon is unlocked, releasing it and methane into the atmosphere.  It also changes the biodiversity with rare birds, butterflies, dragonflies and plants disappearing.  

“When we discovered that the Council was using compost that contains peat with its bedding plants, we requested that an alternative supplier was sourced,” added Liberal Democrat Environment spokesperson Cllr Ian Shenton.  “We hope that by setting the right example, others will follow.  There are a number of local garden centres that sell peat-free compost.

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