Letter to Wokingham.Today - Car ownership

Letter to the Wokingham.Today paper 23rd March 2021

Car ownership


I was exceptionally disappointed to see Councillor Pauline Jorgensen’s statement in the latest Wokingham Borough News.  She says that “Car ownership in Wokingham Borough is the highest in the country -  we can’t change that but we are doing all we can to make our road network as efficient as possible.”  Councillor Jorgensen is the executive member for Highways and Transport, responsible for delivering the Council’s Climate Emergency Plan commitment to a net shift of 20% of car traffic to walking and cycling by 2030.  Presumably, she also takes responsibility for delivering the Conservative government’s commitment to 50% of local trips to be made by walking and cycling by 2030. 


Owning a car is a personal choice that no politician would contemplate interfering with. But it is clear that given safe and attractive alternatives, people will use their car less and many will happily make fewer car journeys. Continuing to invest huge amounts of council resources in attracting more cars to our roads is the politics of the past.  Wokingham needs a better future.


 Cllr Paul Fishwick (Winnersh), Lib Dem lead on Highways and Transport

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