Protecting our Green Belt from development

Twyford’s Wokingham Borough Councillors, Lindsay Ferris and Stephen Conway, and Ruscombe Lib Dem campaigner, Martijn Andreas, have been taking every opportunity to argue against the proposals to build in the Green Belt in Ruscombe.

Developers even hired the services of councillors in other local authorities to lobby for their proposals.  They have claimed that a new railway station in Ruscombe would make the proposed new development sustainable.  We have contested that claim in the press and social media.  A new station is a non-starter.  It would cost far more than the developers say –  and much more than they would be willing to pay – and the rail authorities are not interested in adding to journey times and undermining the viability of the existing Twyford station.

But most importantly, Green Belt land can only be developed under very special circumstances.  Those very special circumstances do not apply in this case.  Stephen Conway, who has considerable experience on planning matters, is convinced that the case against development in Ruscombe is a very strong one.

We will continue to fight the good fight for as long as a threat to the Green Belt land in Ruscombe exists.  Martijn is committed to the cause and would defend our community very effectively.

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