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Lib Dems represent this area on both Wokingham Borough Council and Earley Town Council. We have 21 councillors on Earley Town Council. We have 5 councillors on Wokingham Borough Council representing Hawkedon, Hillside and Maiden Erlegh wards. Find out more about our councillors by clicking here.

Latest News from Earley and Shinfield

Earley Town Plan 2021 is now online

Clive Jones, Leader of Earley Town Council has announced, " I am delighted that the Council passed this important document at its meeting on the 17th February.

This Town Plan describes the Town Council’s structure and responsibilities. It identifies the Council’s vision, values and key priorities in making Earley an even better place for all our residents. It will  guide the Council and its committees in their considerations and decisions and help to ensure that the Council remains accountable to Earley residents.

I hope you will take a look at the Town Plan on the Earley Town Council website using the link below. There is lots of information there for everyone – whatever your interests and needs. Please also send ETC your comments and suggestions for future versions of this working document."

ETC-Town-Plan-2021.pdf (earley-tc.gov.uk)

Our Climate Emergency: Earley Town Council's commitment to action

Around the world we see evidence that climate change is real, significant and affects us all.  Thinking and acting locally has a vital role to play in helping to tackle our Climate Emergency.

 After the Earley Town Council meeting on the 17th February, Council Leader Clive Jones said, “Tonight our Council passed what I believe are two of the most important resolutions in the history of the Town Council, binding Earley Town Council to play its full and proper role in helping to tackle our Climate Emergency.”

 “The first resolution committed Early Town Council to:

  • declare a Climate Emergency in Earley.
  • engage with Earley stakeholders to develop and implement an Earley Town Council Climate Emergency Action Plan.
  • ensure that the Climate Emergency and related environmental issues are front and centre in Earley Town Council decision making.
  • develop and implement realistic strategies and actions, within the remit and capacity of Earley Town Council, to help tackle the Climate Emergency. 
  • support local and wider initiatives to tackle the Climate Emergency.
  • work with Wokingham Borough Council, where relevant and practicable, to support our joint ambition for the Borough to be carbon neutral by 2030.”

 “The second resolution set out the Council’s ambition to present a Draft Earley Town Council Climate Emergency Action Plan to the Council meeting on the 31st March. This will be followed by a 12 month period of meaningful engagement with Earley stakeholders, leading to the adoption of an Earley Town Council Climate Emergency Plan.” Cllr. Jones explained, “In the meantime we will press on with the Council’s ongoing, recent initiatives along with some new ‘green’ ideas.”

Cllr. Jones concluded, “Declaring a climate emergency means nothing without credible and achievable actions to back it up. Our Town Council Climate Emergency Action Plan will do this. It will also be presented in a manner that will make it easy for Earley residents to hold the Council to account. In an emergency we must all roll up our sleeves and do everything we can to help. I am proud that tonight Earley Town Council formally embarked on this journey.”  

(Photo:  Mike Smith, Earley Town Councillor and Maiden Erlegh Candidate in the May 2021 local elections, with flooding in Loddon Fields January 2021.)


Caroline and Wes want more action taken on our roads

Cllr. Caroline Smith and Wes Budd, Lib Dem Candidate for Hillside Ward in the 6th May local elections, want to build on the successful campaign initiated by Cllr. Clive Jones to begin to improve road safety outside Hillside School.

Wes says, “Our roads in Earley are heavily used and speeding, is common, including near schools. Cllr Jones’ lobbying of WBC resulted in action to encourage all drivers to keep within the current speed limit.”

“Specific locations in Earley are causing concerns with traffic congestion. Cars stuck in traffic add to pollution. Cllr. Smith and I want more steps to be taken to reduce all of these problems.”


Police update from Cllr. David Hare

I have been informed that our local police are extremely busy at the moment, with the usual crime plus Covid-19 related matters.  There is a ‘Covid car’ working with reports of Covid abuse, sometimes having to use powers the police have to ensure compliance with the law.   Apparently, at present, there is also increased use of drugs, that, besides being a crime, often means other crimes are committed to fund the habit. 

If you see or suspect any crime do please continue to contact the police, either on 999 in an emergency or, in a non-emergency situation, on 101.

The Covid-19 pandemic

Your Lib Dem Earley Town and Borough Councillors wish to thank everyone who works so hard for our community, in so many different ways, during these most difficult of times.

We extend our sincere condolences to all who have lost loved ones.

We also recognise that it is very difficult when we can’t work, or see our family and friends in the way we have done in the past. 

Earley Town Council has teamed up with Wokingham Citizens Advice to publicise the wide range of practical help available locally.

 If you want someone to discuss any problems with please contact Citizens Advice on 0300 3301189.  Their website is https://citizensadvicewokingham.org.uk/

Please also do not hesitate to contact any of our Lib Dem Earley Borough Councillors if we might be able to assist you.  


Dealing with overflowing litter bins

Many residents have contacted Earley Lib Dem Councillors in recent months about overflowing litter bins. Maiden Erlegh Councillor Tahir Maher says, “Many areas have been affected. WBC have responded promptly whenever we notified them of problems and requested a larger bin for one location. In Earley and Lower Earley all WBC litter bins are emptied every Tuesday and Friday. If you think a bin was not emptied on the due day, or is overflowing between these days, please report it via Litter bins - Wokingham Borough Council or let one of your Earley Lib Dem Councillors know and we will follow it up.”

Street and bollard lights repaired

Earley Lib Dem Councillors have helped to get more than 40 faulty street and bollard lights repaired in the last 18 months. Hawkedon Cllr. Clive Jones is  “… particularly pleased that our lobbying led ASDA to repair lights that they are responsible for in Chalfont Close. They had not been working for years and some significant technical challenges were discovered.”   If you see a street lamp that needs to be repaired please report it at Report problems with street lights and lit bollards - Wokingham Borough Council , or contact any of your Lib Dem Borough Councillors who will try to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Protect our green spaces

Hillside Councillor Caroline Smith and Wes Budd, candidate for Hillside Ward in the May 2021 borough elections say, “Our green spaces are precious for so many reasons and must never be taken for granted. But, they are frequently threatened with ‘development’.  Liberal Democrats stopped Conservative plans to build on Chalfont Woods but we now want Chalfont Woods protected forever, along with nearby Swallows Meadow.”



Mike Smith says more flood prevention is needed in Earley.

Parts of Earley regularly flood, causing damage to homes and traffic chaos.  Earley Town Councillor and candidate for Maiden Erlegh in the May 2021 borough elections says, “All the predictions are for more extreme weather events.  Some work has been done retrospectively, most recently at the end of Egremont Drive.  However, more proactive work is needed to create permanent, resilient and environmentally friendly solutions across the Borough.  We must try to stop development on flood plains and ensure that any necessary new roads do not exacerbate the problem.”

Don your walking boots!

‘Walks Around Earley’, recently launched by Earley Town Council with the help of Loddon Valley Ramblers Association, is proving immensely popular. Comprehensive details for each of the 14 accessible walks are available on the Earley Town Council website, and can be printed or used on smartphones or tablets.

Ward map images are a remix of previous work available on the Wikimedia Commons (created by Nilfanion, using Ordnance Survey data) and are licensed under CC-SA-3.0 and the attribution must contain the following notice also:  Contains Ordnance Survey data (C) Crown Copyright and Database Right.
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