Conservatives vote against more recycling

Conservative councillors refused to support a motion to replace litter bins owned by WBC with dual litter and recycling bins ​citing costs as the reason.  


Cllr Clive Jones, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat group said that "The Conservatives have totally exaggerated the costs of these bins to support their refusal. They must be expecting their business chums who sold the government overpriced PPE and test and trace contracts to supply the new bins!"


"They claim that the proposal hasn't been properly costed,​" continued Cllr Jones.  ​"This is a bit rich coming from a Conservative group who at the same meeting decided to spend ​more than £20m on 1 solar farm without provid​ing a proper business case AND without proper scrutiny.​"  


"It is frustrating because as bins need replacing over time, putting in dual use bins is very simple and cost effective," added Cllr Imogen Shepherd-Dubey, leader of Wokingham Town Council.  "At Wokingham Town Council we have had dual use bins for a while now to help people recycle and it's been very straightforward.  This seems to simply be a case of the Conservatives not wanting to support an opposition motion rather than doing the right thing."  

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